Raven Hawke is about empowering people to take control of their lives. It is about changing the energy in your life from a negative to a positive. It is about participating in your own life.

Psychic, tarot or palmistry readings are tools that can provide an unbiased look at problems by giving you a different perspective. Raven Hawke offers a wide range of modalities to help move the energy in your life. Raven Hawke's goal is “Spiritual Growth for Positive Change." Whatever form that spiritual growth may choose to take, be it spiritual counseling or energy healing the intention is that it should only be for the individual's highest good.

Raven Hawke is committed to providing a positive environment for its clients.

Raven Hawke was born in 2006 from Tarot by Penny, which was started in 1997. The reason for the change in name came about since more services were being added. We launched our website in 2006 and spirit was definitely giving me a nudge to take a more serious look at my animal totems. I felt the best way to honor my totems was to incorporate them into the logo and name.

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