Soul Healing or Distance Soul Healing

Multi-dimensional - It clears the soul of layers of stuck energy from past life trama. $200.00

Energy Healing or Distance Energy Healing

Aura Clearing
Chakra Balancing
Cord Removal
Body, Mind and Spirit $180.00
Customized Healing or Customized Distance Healing

Healing Energy for areas that the client wants to heal. $180.00

These healings are not to replace medical attention.

Raven Hawke. Spiritual Growth for Positive Change. Empowering individuals on their Spiritual Journey. Intuitive Readings,
Psychic Readings, Fortune Teller, Card Reader, Tarot and Palmistry, Parties, Spirit Crossings, Ghost Busting, Classes, Healing, Energy Healing, Space Clearing.
Serving Minneapolis / St. Paul MN and the surrounding area.